Wednesday, April 28, 2010

An awesome couple!

My friend Dan (the mastermind behind the Chatham Towne and Sonata projects) wanted to surprise his wife for Christmas by having their home restaged while they were away visiting family. His wife is uber talented. She can sew anything, sing like an angel and has creativity oozing out her ears. So, no pressure. Hah! Here are a few pics of what I pulled together. He had some furniture and accessories he used for staging some of his model homes that he was finished with and gave me permission to work into their home. Fun!

The wife, Emily, made these curtains and bedding.

Here's a fun twist to the story. Several months earlier, when Dan was out of town on business, Emily enlisted my help to pull together a new office for Dan. This is what we came up with in just a couple of days. I know she burned the midnight oil painting the walls and sewing curtains.

I can take no credit for this room, but had to snap a pic of the creative wall treatment she did with ribbon and upholstery tacks. She also created the lamp shades, cord cover, and corona bed treatment.

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