Thursday, December 16, 2010

A New Room for Mabel

Mabel is growing up and her baby sister needed her nursery, so it was time to create a new room. She needed somewhere bright and fun where she could keep her books and toys and work on projects. She also needed a place she would like as she got older.

While we were there doing a room makeover for his little sister, we also created a sophisticated boys room for a sophisticated young boy, Gavyn.


Melinda Hawkes said...

Amazing how meaningful it is to have their own special place. Thank you for creating little havens for our little angels. Now we are running out of rooms and will soon need your magic in the currently unfinished basement.

zollybunch said...

ALL of your work is adorable Katie! Oh how I wish you could come and just re-do my home! I would be in heaven!! Great job!!